An individual membership entitles a person to:

  • Develop a working relationship and be involved in a network of other homicide researchers
  • Attend the three- to four-day annual meeting
  • Vote, hold office, and/or serve on HRWG committees
  • Participate in the HRWG session at professional meetings such as the American Society of Criminology, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, and others
  • A one-year subscription to Homicide Studies
  • Access to the HRWG listserv

An “agency” membership is available for persons employed at public or private organizations (e.g., private research facilities, government organizations) involved in or interested in homicide research, but does not include colleges, universities, and institutions of higher learning. An “agency” membership provides for two copies of all HRWG mailings.
For all interested employees, the benefits of an agency membership would include:

  • An entry in the Membership Directory
  • Ability to attend and/or participate in the annual meeting
  • Access to the HRWG listserv
  • Vote, hold office, and/or serve on HRWG committees under the same provisions as individual members; however, no more than two employees from the same agency are eligible to vote, hold office, or serve on committees during the same terms