The Homicide Research Working Group maintains an listserv that is open to all members of the HRWG. The listserv is one of the primary means by which the HRWG keeps in contact with its members and its members keep in contact with each other. Through this email network, members can:

  • Share information
  • Setup discussions of issues on relevant topics
  • Communicate information about research in progress
  • Notify members of future research opportunities
  • Receive information about the annual and mid-year meeting

Subscription to the listserv is now Windows-based. Because the listserv is a benefit of membership, only HRWG members can post messages to the listserv and unwanted email traffic is minimized. New subscriptions to the HRWG listserv are approved by the listserv manager.

If additional assistance is needed to subscribe or if you experience difficulty in using the listserv, please contact Richard Block by telephone at (773) 743-7295 or by e-mail at